Present Road condition for trip to Valley of flowers.

Reaching Valley of flowers- Present road condition.

I have just reached back from my trip to valley of flowers and was flooded by calls on this topic. Some people have cancelled the trip to valley of flowers starting from 10th of August. The present weather condition is nice and there is no problem at all. Whatever all the TV NEWS channels are showing is about Uttar kashi, which is too far from our way to valley of flowers. Although I was also stuck at Badrinath for a Day with my group but situation now is OK. There was no causalities or accident on our way to Valley of flowers. The situation is totally under control on the way to valley of flowers. And you all can really visit valley of flowers. I am giving no guarantee of future weather condition (no one can give) but the condition now is fine.

Gultheria, Creeping snowberry, East wintergreen, checkberry, Himalayan Snowberry
Gultheria, Creeping snowberry, East wintergreen, checkberry, Himalayan Snowberry

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  1. Thanks Mr. Sangawan. its really helpful

  2. what is the present condition of Valley of Flowers ?? Is it really accessible now ? or can it be made so within August ??

      1. Thanks Mr Sangwan for ur kind information ! Plz carry on ur latest updates, if possible.
        Thanking u once again !

      2. I will do that. Thanks for posting.

  3. We had to cancel our tour scheduled in 2nd week of July, 2013. Thanks Mr. Devkant for the first hand information. Hope we can make at the earliest. Regards. Anupam

    1. Hello Anupam ji,
      You can have a trip to Valley of flowers soon. For more detailed information you can subscribe my blog on this site.

  4. Hello Devkant  

    I am 62 years and leaving for vof in another three days.   Please let me know if i can get palaki to enter vof  that is at least the steep part if i can find some one to take me it will be of great help.  .Want to know if i can get this help.

    Please reply soon . 

    thanks geetha

    1. Hello Mam,

      Dolis are available from Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers. You can take that.

  5. we are planning to visit the valley from 11th August to 18 August. Is the right time to visit. what we should carry keeping in mind the weather condition.

    1. A detailed itinerary has been sent to you please go through it or you can call us on 9991242759.

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