Hotels in Ghangaria

Ghangaria is the base camp for valley of flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek. It is accessible only for about six months in a year from May to October. But officially Hemkund Sahib opens on 1st May and closes on 31st September except some variations by few days in last year (2013)when it opened on May 26th and due to floods it was closed in between and again reopened on 21st September and closed on 10th October. People coming for Hemkund Sahib are far more in number then people coming for Valley of flowers trip. People coming for Hemkund Sahib come for pilgrim purpose so they are generally not concerned about flowers or natural beauty. June is the holiday’s season in India and so it is the peak time for travel and tourism in India. Ghangaria is full of Pilgrims going to Hemkund Sahib till 31st June every year. So the Hotels in Ghangaria are full during this time. After July 1st week load of pilgrims reduces in Ghangaria hotels but gradually tourists coming for valley of flowers increases.

In view of these facts the Hotel prices in Ghangaria are highest in the month of June and then from July to September these hotels are moderately priced. Please do not expect any luxury facility from hotels in Ghangaria as Ghangaria is very remotely located and is accessible by 16 kilometer trek. (earlier it was 14 kilometer, after the floods the trek has to be redesigned and now it is roughly 16 kilometer from Goindghat.) We have tie up with different hotels in Ghangaria.

Prices and photographs of different hotels in Ghangaria are given below.

Hotels in Ghangaria

The rooms have attached toilets with nice glazed tiles. Hot water is provided with buckets. Electricity reached in 2012 only but since the geography of the area is very dynamic and you never know you will get electricity in Ghangaria or not.

Rooms tariff of hotels in Ghangaria

From 30th May to 5th July

Double Bed room Rs. 3000
Triple bed room Rs. 3500
Four bed room Rs. 4000

From 6th July to season end

Double Bed room Rs. 2500
Triple bed room Rs. 3000
Four bed room Rs. 3500
Hotels in Ghangaria corridor
Hotels in Ghangaria corridor
Hotels in Ghangaria | toilet
Hotels in Ghangaria | toilet
Room at a Hotel in Ghangaria
Room at a Hotel in Ghangaria

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  1. I wish to visit this area from 18 to 25-5-15. Please advise best alternatives of places we can see

    1. Valley of Flowers will be officially opened by 1st June, 2015. You can plan your trip after that only.

  2. Can you Please suggest the hotels at Gangaria and Govindghat

    1. In Govindghat you can go for Hotel Grand Shiva and in Ghangaria you can go for Hotel Krishna Palace.

  3. When will your 2016 itinerary be available with dates and costs?

    1. It will be available by October end. If you are having any queries regarding the trip you can send it to

  4. we are there on 30th may 2018
    can we go to valley of flower

    1. The Valley of Flowers will be closed in May.This is to inform you that ‘Valley of Flowers’ gets open in June only. You can take a visit to the place in June or you can call us on 9991242759.

  5. Looking for a budget accommodation in Ghangeria, as myself along with my wife want to visit this area for trek and bird watching purpose during August 13th to August 17th (4 night in total). Can you help us !

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